Shape inspired by the surfboards of the 70s. This surfskate is ideal for funny rides. With an excellent pump and good stability, this shape is perfect for all levels looking for a shortboard. Light and electric, specs that fits perfectly for ride the jungles of the city. Flat nose to have a nice and fun cruise and 65mm wheels to eat all the obstacles.

Deck: 29"X10" 7Ply Canadian maple

Fish deck - Flat nose

Wheels: 65mm 78A

Bearings: AVEC7

Transparent grip


The most complete surfskate you can get. The 33" is ideal for all levels. Adjust the rear truck in two positions, modifing the wheelbase you can get two different surfskates in one. For beginners and for pro level,. Double kick deck that allows you confidence in high performance situations. A super versatile surfskate, nice carving, a lot of stability even at high speeds, good option for park riding 60mm wheels,  basic tricks... A very complete surf trainer.

Deck: 33"X10" 7Ply Canadian maple 

 ● Double kick deck

 ● Wheels: 65mm / 60 mm 78A 

 ● Bearings: AVEC7 

 ● Transparent grip


Our smallest surfskate. Very light, portable, electric even with low speed and real funny. Inspired by the first skates made in california. Double kick deck for basic tricks like ollie and 180. This surfskate is ideal for funny rides and cruising. Maybe the best surfskate for surf the city daily. 

Deck: 27"X10" 7Ply Canadian maple

● Double kick deck

Wheels: 60mm 78A

Bearings: AVEC7

Transparent griptape

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